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Escaping Culture – The Reckoning


Everything Chefs conceive is a tale that explores the human condition.

Rhodesian Eulogy I

On the drive home, Gabe named the pup, Cassie. To this day, he doesn’t recall why.  Maybe it was something in the nature of the puppy that subconsciously spoke to him. All I know is that the way he cradled that pup revealed a capacity for even greater gentleness and affection. He stroked and cuddled the pup, and whispered child confidences to her. They laid down a marker on that ride home. They were to become best buds. Devoted companions.



The Church of Frederico

“My church for all things earthly and otherworldly is a sanctum of a different kind. Bookstores are where I bow my head and bend a knee. Public libraries, Bricks-and-mortar chains, Independent and Online booksellers, it doesn’t matter, I revere them all.”

The Value of Ritual

It’s essential beyond everything else, to retain an enduring appetite for awareness and acceptance if we expect to gain perspective and view the world with eyes wide open.

A Father’s Lament

The world is woke.  And it’s rising.   And it’s this verity, outside the control of men with guns and dominion-powered fiat capital that makes my son’s birthday, and every birthday thereafter worthy of hope and celebration.

State of Grace

If nature, as Ralph Waldo Emerson righteously proclaimed, is elemental and comprised of a commodity; beauty; language; and discipline.  Then ART, it follows, is nature refined and emblematic of; and, by the MIND of man ***Petra, our family’s Abuela (grandmother) – Yaqui Native-American –                    Painting, Dorothy […]