Monthly Archives: March 2013

Trojan Horse

In the interim I’ll listen to only symphonic compositions, grab a two-finger scotch, or a Washington state legal marijuana joint – or both – and purge away the vocal styling and rapture of Obama-Speak.

A Cowboy Thing

The old man still had some magic in him. He sat up erect, smiled, winked, picked up his sweat-stained cowboy hat that lay on the nightstand and waved it high above his head.

Pocho-Going Rogue

I discovered that the whole of me is greater than the sum of my parts and makes my story unlike most, given I chose to embrace my ethnicities entirely, not as separate distinctions capable of wielding favor or force.  I’m good with that.  I like being whole.

She Works Without A Net

And so it came to be. Whether her ascent up the trapeze rope ladder was by force or by choice, she scaled intrepidly up, into the unknown.