Booklovers will appreciate the commonalities and interaction between the written word and the transitory nature of photography in “Escaping Culture – The Reckoning” a visual perspective on a wide variety of contemporary topics through the interaction of three separate but connected mediums – a trinity of social commentary, photography, and parody. Photography is the visual language used to interact with prose, and caricature by design cuts through prevailing attitudes and conformity. These forms of expression are intrinsically related, sister-means of reflection, and revelation. Collaboratively they strip bare ambiguity, converging on matters readers should be informed and not on extraneous content that clouds the mind suffocating instinct, intuition, and common sense. The book is available on Amazon in June 2020.

Rhodesian Eulogy I

We adopt them knowing that someday they’ll break our hearts.



Cassie’s passing.  Death hurts.  Immeasurably.

Twenty years ago, my wife Mary, and I decided it was time to get our son Gabriel, a dog.  After considerable research on a variety of breeds, we settled on a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Bred initially in South Africa, they’re known to be extremely loyal, tolerant and excellent companions. They’re independent, have a stable temperament, and are no pushovers to raise and train. A perfect challenge we thought for our young son.

Escaping Culture – The Reckoning

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