“The Value of Ritual” is part of a collection in “Escaping Culture – The Reckoning” a multicultural book of essays examining the duality of the American experience.

The Church of Frederico

My church for all things earthly and otherworldly is a sanctum of a different kind.  Bookstores are where I bow my head and bend a knee.  Public libraries, Bricks-and-mortar chains, Independent and Online booksellers, it doesn’t matter, I revere them all.

– Frederico Wilson

“Curiosity feeds Imagination” – Mantra, French graffiti painter

Some in my inner circle would say that I worship them, my adherence to each an act of faith, knowing that inside each one somebody, somewhere thought enough to frame, document, and pass along a diversity of thought for others to consider, question, and contemplate.  In that context, I guess my bookstores could well be regarded as churches.


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