“A Father’s Lament” is part of a collection of essays in “Escaping Culture – The Reckoning” a book heavy on social commentary, satire, and photography. It’s available on Amazon in April 2020.

A Father’s Lament

It’s my son’s 28th birthday today.  So naturally, I thought about China.



What does China have to do with his birthday?

Well, everything, actually.

It’s become increasingly clear to me with each passing year that China is positioned to challenge U.S. hegemony around the globe.   And that’s a good thing.

While U.S. world dominance depends on fiat and an oil-backed world currency reserve, perpetual war and the pillaging of other countries’ resources, China has mapped out a different course. They’ve decided to construct not destruct the world around them.  They’re accomplishing this through a self-described Belt and Road Initiative, a global strategy designed to build infrastructure, development, and investments in 152 countries and international organizations in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.


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